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Feedback from students is very important in trying to improve the quality of learning
experiences at higher education institutions.
This questionnaire is designed to gather student opinions about their experiences about half way through
their program. The items relate to all your experiences so far, not just to one particular course.
This is a confidential survey. Do not write your name or identify yourself. Your responses will be
combined with the responses of others in a process that does not allow any individual to be identified and
the overall opinions will be used to plan for improvements in the quality of educational experiences at
your institution.
Please respond to the following questions by completely filling a response for each of your

* Strongly agree means the statement is true all or almost all of the time and/or very
well done.
* Agree means the statement is true most of the time and/or fairly well done.
* True sometimes means something is done about half the time.
* Disagree means something is done poorly or not often done.
* Strongly disagree means something is done very badly or never or very rarely done.

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