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Is the feedback from the students to the task of improving the quality of courses.
This questionnaire is confidential. Do not write your name or reveal your identity. Your responses will be collected with the responses of others in the process does not allow the identification of any person, and a summary of views will be used to plan for improvement.
 (strongly agree) mean that the statement is true or always in almost all cases, or that is required has to play to the fullest.
 (agree) means that the phrase most often or in Alehian, or that is required has to play well almost.
 (somewhat true) means that required to play has been average
 (do not agree) means that the required has to play poorly or did not in most cases
 (strongly disagree) means that the required has to play very badly, or did not originally, or rarely has to play

Please kindly answer the following questions

Questions, especially the beginning of the scheduled

Specific questions about what happened during the scheduled

Calendar scheduled

Calendar year

Open-ended questions