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Dear Student:
We consider a student at the university is the main theme of the educational process is the most important outputs. For the purpose of improving the quality of academic programs at institutions of higher education, we must feedback task you are objective and transparent, so it has been the work of this questionnaire to collect information from students in their senior year, which reflects their experience program that studied it. The secret of this resolution. So please do not write your name or reveal your identity, and your answers will be collected with the answers of others through the process does not allow the identification of any person who filled out, and a summary of views will be used to plan for improvement.
Please kindly answer the following questions put:
5 = Strongly Agree , 4 = Agree , 3 = true to some extent , 2 = I do not agree , 1 = Strongly Disagree

Axis 1: Aalmsaadh and support two forward for the tutorial

Axis 2: Sources for supporting education

Axis 3: Evaluation of education that I got it

axis_4 4: Calendar year

Axis 5